About Us

About us Diamond Water Solution (Diamond Enviro) : Aspires to provide pragmatic, economically viable, and sustainable solutions for environmental issues. We are dedicated to finding and crafting solutions that balances the interests of our chants as well as the preservation of environment.

To serve our client's needs, we have partnered with global loaders like Hydroquel, as our advisors and Daystar Enviro Technologies, as our associate.

Diamond Water Solution provides Integrated services for environmental projects. Our services offer Consulting, Designing, Modeling and Engineering solutions with technological support from Hydroqual, Inc. Hydroqual has the human and technical resources, the global footprint, the depth of know-how and expertise to assist clients in achieving success in any corner of the world. Enviro Tech has turnkey solution providers, equipment suppliers and engineering consultants in the area of Water & Waste Water treatment.

Diamond Water Solution : Have the best mix of talent to provide Enviro solutions that are best suited to our 11 clients needs. The combination of our companies and our corporate heritage enables us to develop unique solutions for the most difficult environmental challenges. Diamond Enviro will deliver fully-integrated environmental solutions to virtually all industrial, commercial municipal and residential sectors.

What we have to offer

DIAMOND ENVIRO offers technical, administrative and post contract services in the following areas.

1. Environmental ImpactAssessment

  • Field Study, Primary & Secondary Data collection.
  • Preparation of Rapid / Comprehensiv EnviraltAtt ImpactAssessment Report.
  • Securing Clearance from requisite authorities.

2. Environmental Audit/ Status Report

  • Situation Assessment, Field Study an Testing
  • Preparation of Report. (statement of environmental performa1/4eposition)

3. Water Supply & Sanitation

  • Water treatment & distribution system survey.
  • Design Sewage system survey & treatment Plant Design.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report (C.PR), Bankable Documents.

Project Consultancy

  • Design and Engineering
  • Trouble Shooting

Small scale Turnkey Projects

  • Sewage Treatment Plant Design
  • Effluent Treatment Plant Design
  • Water & Waste water Treatment Plant Design.
  • Industrial Chimney Design

Water treatment chemical

  • Cultural of Microbiological development
  • Smell Controll Chemical
  • COD, BOD, Control
  • Chemical requirement of Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment Plant

  • RO, UFM4JV, Softener

6. Analytica Services

  • Wastewater Analysis
  • WaterAnalysis
  • MSW / H4ardous WasteAnalysis
  • Menure / CompostAnalysis

7. Monitoring Services

  • AmbientAir Quality Monitoring
  • Work-zone Air Quality Monitoring
  • Noise Level Monitoring
  • Ventilation Survey