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As the Global Economy develops through rapid industrialization, mother earth is constantly been ravaged. Global warming, freshwater depletion, biodiversity reduction. air pollution are some examples of such treats. Mankind cannot afford to destroy eco systems. Presentation of the environment for our future generations is a very important task and Is increasingly gaining support form governments, NG0s, corporations and consumers globally.

India's dynamic economic growth has presented many opportunities to aspiring Indians but has also posed a number of environmental threats. It environmental protection efforts continue to lag behind economic growth, pollution will become even more rampant. To ensure balanced growth, we need to address environmental solutions in the following areas.

  • Water Pollution
  • Sewage disposal and recycling the source or water
  • Industrial and Hazardous effluent disposal
  • Air Pollution
  • Sound Pollution
  • Environmental norms and legal framework

These problems, if unchecked, will hamper the country's growth. There is a dearth of companies who think about the environmental holistically.

Diamond Enviro has the best mix of talent to provide enviro solutions that are best suited to our clients needs. The combination of our companies and our corporate heritage enables us to develop unique solutions for the most difficult environmental challenges. Diamond Enviro will deliver fully-integrated environmental solutions to virtually all industrial, commercial, municipal and residential sectors.

Our Services
Diamond Water Solutions | Environmental Consultants, Pune

Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plant

  1. RO, UFM, UV, Softener

Small scale Turnkey Projects

  1. Sewage Treatment Plant Design
  2. Effluent Treatment Plant Design
  3. Water and Waste Water Plant Design
  4. Industrial Chimney Design
Diamond Water Solutions | Environmental Consultants, Pune

Air & Sound Pollution

Analytical Services

  1. Waste-Water Analysis
  2. Water Analysis
  3. MSW / Hazardous Waste Analysis
  4. Menure / Compost Analysis

Monitoring Services

  1. Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  2. Work-zone Air Quality Monitoring
  3. Noise Level Monitoring
  4. Ventilation Survey

Environmental Consultants

Environmental Impact Assessment

  1. Field Study, Primary & Secondary Data Collection
  2. Preparation of Rapid/Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  3. Securing Clearance from requisite authorities

Environmental Audit/Status Report

  1. Situation Assessment, Field Study and Testing
  2. Preparation of Report.
    (statement of enviromental performance position)

Water Supply & Sanitation

  1. Water treatment & distribution system survey
  2. Design Sewage system survey & treatment Plant Design
  3. Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR), Bankable Documents
Diamond Water Solutions | Environmental Consultants, Pune
Diamond Water Solutions | Environmental Consultants, Pune

Water Treatment Chemical

  1. Culture of Microbiological Development
  2. Smell Control Chemical
  3. COD, BOD, Control
  4. Chemical requirement of Water & Wastewater Treatment