Air & Sound Pollution

We manufacturer & designer of air pollution control equipment & systems. Products include air cleaning, volatile organic compound (VOC) destruction & acid gas neutralization systems & general industrial ventilation systems.

We offer a variety of services related to Air Pollution Control Equipments Systems/Stack monitoring. We gather to varied needs of customers and are renowined for providing various kinds of air pollution control equipments in different capacities, sizes, shapes, dimensions and specifications. Also we charge industry leading prices and these products are preferred by various small, medium as well as large scale manufacturing units.

Our range of equipments are fabricated from quality materials and are randomly checked so as to assure standards with perfection, we also offer the equipments in customised forms as desired by customers.

Industrial Chimney Design

Diamond Water Solutions have an experienced team with over 7 years expertise working on all types of industrial chimneys. We have many satisfied clients throughout Pune, & All over India. Regular maintenance and high quality repairs make sure chimney problems wan't interrupt your industrial processes, while keeping them efficient and safe.

Noise Level Monitoring

The term 'Noise' is applied to the sound that causes irritation on hearing by human being. It is now considered as a pollution component that contributes to a determination of the environment. Noise pollution has no longer confined to just urban clusters but slowly they are creeping into the rural environment. The noise generating sources can broadly categorized into transportation. Noise levels need to be monitored periodically at above mentioned sources. Such monitoring is useful for determining the abetment methods and in many incidences locations for providing personal protective equipments/aids.

If the waste is hazardous in nature then the need of analysis increases many fold, because the hazardous waste requires special methods for its handling, transportation, storage and safe disposal. Thus, environmental laboratory is essential for the analysis of waste and hazardous elements.

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Ambient air quality monitoring network, emission inventories and use of prediction models are essential components of ambient air quality management system. Air quality samples are generally collected for one or more of the following purpose -

  • To monitor and compare ambient air quality of the region with national standards.
  • To activate control procedures that prevent or alleviate air pollution
  • To observe pollution trends throughout the region
  • To provide a data base for research evaluation of effects: urban, land-use and transportation planning development and evaluation of abatement strategies and development and validation of dispersion or diffusion models.

With the end use of the air quality samples as a prime consideration, the network should be designed to meet one of four basic monitoring objectives listed below -

  • To determine general background concentration levels
  • To determine the impact on ambient pollution levels of significant sources or source categories
  • To determine highest concentrations expected to occur in the area
  • To determine representative concentrations in areas of high population density

These four objectives indicate the nature of the samples that the monitoring network will collect, must be representative of the spatial area being studied. Apart from ambient air quality studies, the air monitoring also includes air quality monitoring at work place i.e. usually indoor, many times workplace monitoring is done to determine the presence of micro organisms. Then it includes monitoring of emission sources such as stack (chimney), vehicular exhaust emissions, etc.